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This gallery consists of photographs, charts and other explanatory graphics pertaining to EMR in general. These include common radiation sources, signal properties and reported biological effects. Please refer to our Legal page for copyright information.

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The first step in any mitigation strategy is to determine the magnitude of ambient EMR. Here is a sampling of some of the most popular field strength meters in use. There are basically two types. One is a “gauss meter” for measurement of power grid wiring and appliances within the range of 50/60Hz to a few KHz. The second is dedicated to the radio frequency (RF) spectrum as utilized by mobile phone, Wi-Fi and other microwave technologies.. Some instruments incorporate both functions.


Once the strongest local sources of EMR have been identified, the next is to minimize risk of adverse effects. The two most practical approaches are to distance oneself from the devices responsible, or rely upon conductive materials as a temporary or permanent shield against their transmitted signals. In all cases, results should be confirmed with a meter.

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