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EMF Electric fence
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EMF Electric fence

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Hi, does anyone know how far out an electric fence on a field, one to stop animals, can possibly cause emf influence. Any info appreciated.

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I am not an expert on this, and so welcome the input of others, but would be guessing that  the fence is powered usually by battery or by household power supply, stepped down to lower voltage. Unless there are a lot of foreign frequencies contaminating that supply that can radiate and fluctuate jaggedly - for example from solar batteries as the power source for the household, shouldn't be much of an effect very far from the fence.

However it's a different story if the solar panels are actually in the field - could be effects near those and from some distance away - and there could be local hot spots in the field from wireless communications some distance away, nothing to do with the fence.  The only way to be sure what might be going on, if you are noticing effects on animals, would be to get a range of meters to measure different frequencies and see what you discover.

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From my childhood farm memories of electric fences, the voltage is stepped up to 2.5kV to 8kV, like an ignition coil on a petrol engine.

When they short out to ground, they would create a spark that could be heard on our AM radios.


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