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A few months ago, I lost my EMFields RF Meter, Model AM-10 meter.

I bought the ENV RD-10 to replace it.

I've found the ENV RD-10 a very useful gadget that I can pull out of my shirt pocket to check possible offending RF & EMF sources.

A couple of months later, I found my AM-10 meter and I still do not use it.

This is because the ENV RD-10 has a good directional antenna to locate an offending device with its simple LED read out.

If I need more information, I would pull out my spectrum analyser, which takes time to set up. Far too much time.

There is an equivalent model that looks the same, but different name and colour.

They both can be bought for just under AUS $200.

As a first line of self defence, I recommend this meter.


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Yes. This meter has some interesting features. Compact size, exposure alarm and single axis which some users prefer to better isolate signal sources.


There are two models. One is capable of connection to a PC or Android device for data logging and more precise readout.

Just be aware that for not much more you can buy an RF meter with a built-in numeric display. For example, the TES92 currently priced at around $225 AUD on eBay..


You are not alone. According to experts, over 35% of the world’s population feels some form of unwanted reaction to EMR exposure. Additionally, everyone is susceptible to induced biological abnormalities that may not manifest perceptibly for years or even decade.